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Friday, August 28, 2009


Brandon and I made a trip into Milano today.  We didn't get much accomplished, but we had a good time. 

First off, we had to stop at the ATM to buy some money.  The exchange rate is 1.43 today.  Ouch.  As we walked to the bus stop, we just missed the bus we needed.  We waited and waited for the next one...about 25 minutes...until it came and drove by us!  The bus drived just looked at us and drove on by!!  We ended up walking towards Monza just to kill some time and stopped two bus stops down to catch the next bus. 

We rode the bus the rest of the way into Monza and had to change buses on into Sesto.  In Sesto we caught the red line Metro and rode it to Cadorna, where we switched to the green line to Ambrogio.  Once there, we had to walk about 4 blocks to find the hobby shop.  Closed!

On to hobby shop #2.  We never found it and ended up at the Duomo, where we bought some gelato and enjoyed it in the shade. 

At the Duomo we descended three levels to the yellow Metro.  Brandon was very excited since we have never ridden the yellow line before and it is the newest of the three.  We rode the yellow to Porta Romana.  At this point, none of the street names matched my directions, so we had to call Katrina and ask her to get directions for us from Google Maps.  She texted me the directions and we were off. 

We had to walk about 8 blocks and quickly found Stazione Centrale, a great looking hobby shop.  I say great looking because it was close and we could only see in the windows.  The sign said it was close for the afternoon break and reopened at 4pm.  It was 3:15.  We decided to wait around and found a cafe to get some drinks while we waited.  4pm rolled around and no store opening.  4:15 rolled around and still not signs of the store opening, so we decided to head home. 

Yellow line to red line, red line to Sesto, z221 bus to Vedano.  We arrived home around 5:45pm. 

We now know where Stazione Centrale is located.  I've heard about the store for couple of months now, but could never find it.  Now I have and address to put in the GPS. 

We are home and tonight is movie night.  Brandon finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkeban early this week, so now we can watch the movie. 

We had pasta for dinner, then I ran out to get Coke and chocolate for movie night. 

Its's time for movie night.....

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