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Monday, August 10, 2009

Cloudy day in Vedano

Quest'anno la Torre ha un buon cavallo - This year the Tower had a good horse.

We had a fantastic lightning storm last night. Not much thunder, but lots of flashes in the sky and a short period of heavy rain.

Its cloudy and a bit humid this morning. We started packing for our trip. We leave early Wednesday morning. I need to do a couple loads of laundry. This will be an interesting trip to pack for. We are travelling in Switzerland where it will be in the 70's/50's in the valleys. In Murren, which is up in the mountains and only accessible by tram, it will be in the 60's/40's. As we travel towards Munich and Salzburg it will be closer to the 80's, then back to the 70's in Slovenia. In the August heat we will be spending 13 days in the Alps and mountians.

Brandon and I went for a bike ride this morning. First stop was in Vedano to 'buy' some money for our trip. Then rode a loop around Parco di Monza before stopping at Punto for a couple of groceries. We got rained on halfway through our ride, but it had stopped by the time we reached Punto.

I spent the afternoon working on laundry and ironing shirts for the trip. Brandon and I took a quick ride into Vedano so that I could look for a few items in the hardware store. They were closed, so we got gelato instead. Actually, I had gelato and Brandon had a granita.

Katrina had a late meeting this evening, so Brandon and I made an easy dinner of pb&j for him and a chicken patty for me.

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