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Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1...where did July go?

Siena e' famosa per la sua terra rosa - Siena is famous for its red soil.

I woke up feeling nausaus this morning. I'm not sure why, but I haven't been sleeping well or feeling fantastic all week. I don't feel sick, just feeling a bit stressed this week and its affecting me physically.

I got a late start this morning, but finally got on the road around 10am. My goal today was to ride all the way to the waterfront in Como. I felt a bit lethargic today, but took it easy and made it to Como just before noon. I found a bench on the waterfront and texted Katrina that I made it. I wanted to eat some lunch at a bar we have been to before, but the owner said the kitchen was closed today. Bummer. After riding around a bit and not seeing anything I wanted, I decided to ride over to the park and get a sandwich from one of the vendors that setup there. I had a great sandwich and drink and was feeling pretty good. That is how I made my second mistake (the first was the late start). I though I felt good enough to find the road up the mountain to Brunate. This is where the tourist funiculare goes. I found the road and headed up. Its pretty steep. I am a cyclist who just powers my way up a hill while remaining seated. Some like to stand up and power up that way. Well, I ended up out of the saddle because the road was so d...m steep. The sign said it was 6km to the top. I made it to 2 km before deciding I was too tired and meeting one goal - Como - in one day was enough. I didn't need to reach goal 2 as well. I turned around and rode back down. Steep, steep, and very steep. My wheels were very hot at the bottom, and I tried to just coast as much as possible.

Well, the ride to Como is about 30+ km of steady climb, with about a 3 km drop down to the town at the end. All that steady work and you lose it all at the end. Fun going down, but to get home I had to go back up. This is where I should have put my remaining energies instead of trying Brunate. I barely had it in me to make it up. I stopped near the top at a fruit stand to buys more water and rest. It as very hot at this point.

Long story short, I made it. Not in record time, but I made it. Now I am home, not tired and sweaty. Shower time! Cool shower time.

Katrina and I walked over to Punto this afternoon to pickup a few things for dinner and some snacks. Its funny, I don't think she's been in a grocery store more than 2-3 times since we've been here.

Brandon and I went to Auchan to buy another controller for our Wii. Now all three of us can race on Mario Kart.

We enjoyed crackers and cheese for dinner tonight. Simple, but tasty.

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