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Friday, July 31, 2009


I've been having a hard time waking up lately. Getting out of bed is ok, but it just takes me a good half hour to actually wake up and be functional.

Katrina is home today. She plans to work from home this afternoon.

We decided to ride into downtown Monza this morning. Katrina wanted to get a few items at the art store. It didn't take too long, although we took a longer route to stay off of busy streets with Brandon. On the way home we did a short loop through Parco di Monza. The park is officially closed to all vehicle traffic starting today through the end of August...for the holidays of course. Its amazing how many businesses have signs up showing the dates they will be closed. I think its very cool. Its just a part of the culture to plan the business year around an August break.

I had to mail some things at the post office, so I decided to go visit a bike shop while I was out. I forgot about businesses closing for lunch and ended up just driving around scouting some of the neighborhoods and small towns around Vedano.

Katrina worked most of the afternoon and Brandon was a couch potato. Brandon and I watched Storm Chasers.

I remembered to take a picture of our newest rental car today:

Opal Altra 2009

This evening we met Mike at Aqua e Farina in Agrate for dinner. Good food!

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