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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Katrina mette sempre il due pezzi - Katrina always wears a bikini.

Its Tuesday and its going to be hot again. I think it was supposed to hit 92. I guess that is not as bad as the heat in Corvallis. Did I read a FB message correctly.....105? Wow! It must be time for the fair...lol.

I went for a ride this morning while Katrina had her Italian lesson. I left about 45 min earlier so that I could attempt to make it all the way to Como this time. I needed the extra time so that I could be back in time for Katrina to head to work....and because I just spent a week in Germany eating Schnitzel.

My legs were tired, but I felt pretty good overall. I made it to the city limits of Como! My goal is to make it down to the waterfront, but I ran out of time and that would probably add another 15 min down and 30 back up. The city limits are on top of the foothills which drop down pretty steeply into Como. I will ride again on Thursday morning, but plan to ride to the waterfront in Como on Saturday or Sunday. Once I do that, my next goal is to start climbing the mountain up to Brunate, where the funiculare goes.

Brandon and I spent most of the day inside again. Its just too hot outside. We did ride to the bank to 'buy' money (very bad exchange rate of 1.42), then to the supermarket for some groceries.

This afternoon I worked on my Germany blogs while Brandon had his Italian lesson. Then it was my turn. I asked Rosella to take some time doing some review. We reviewed some every day phrases, etc.

I made a meat dish for dinner tonight. I'm not sure what its called. Its basically chicken rolled around a piece of sausage and cooked on the stovetop. We also had risoto, salad and red wine...Barbaresco, Katrina's favorite.

This evening I finished my blogs from the trip! Now I can get back to daily life for two weeks before we leave on our next trip.

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