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Monday, July 27, 2009

Rest Day at Home - Right?!?!

Ho dimenticato di portare il costume da bagno! - I forgot to bring my bathing suit!

I guess my body is still on vacation time. I woke up at 8am, like we have for the last week. Katrina was already up, but Brandon was still sleeping.

First thing to do, hang the laundry from last night and start another load. A week of vacation laundry can take a couple of days to wash with our tiny washing machine.

Katrina left for work a little bit early today. She had to make a stop at the Hertz office to find out about exchanging our car. On the Friday before our trip, the car was pummeled with hail while Katrina was working. We had a big storm go through. Its the same storm that Brandon and I got caught in on our bikes while riding to the bank. We just got rain. The roof and the hood of the car were full of dents and our windshield is majorly cracked. I will need to get a photo. Too funny. This will be our second car we exchange with damage (remember that the first one had a broken mirror from backing out of the garage). At least we were not responsible this time. Anyway, Katrina set it up for me to return the car to the airport on Wednesday and get a new one.

Brandon and I spent most of the day in the apartment. He played while I unpacked, did laundry and sorted through the things we accumulated on the trip.

We ran to the bank on our bikes this afternoon, only to find out I hadn't put my credit cards back into my normal wallet from my travel wallet. I only had e20 on me, so we rode to the supermarket and just bought enough food for today. We also rode over to the post office.

It was supposed to be a hot day today, reaching the 90's. I think it only hit the high 80's. It wasn't too bad.

We received a wonderful package from my dear friend Rhonda. She sent us some Kool Aid and Crystal Lite packets. Thanks Rhonda!! By the way, for some reason it took 25 days to get here!!

That's about all there is to report from Vedano today. I spent a bit of time working on my blog and adding pictures. I hope to have it all posted in the next day or two.

Also, a special thanks for our Italian teacher and friend, Rosella, who watered our flowers while we were on vacation.

Thanks to everyone who is following our adventures. We miss all of you.

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