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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Prendo il sole sulla sdraio - I sunbathe on a lawn chair.

Why am I not feeling so great these past few days? I don't feel sick. I don't have much energy and this morning I have a headache. I just feel sluggish.

I went for a bike ride this morning. I rode 47km roundtrip, towards Como and back. It was an interesting ride. I had a hard time waking up this morning, so I really didn't want to ride. I knew I needed to, so I decided I would just put my Ipod on and ride laps around Parco di Monza. For some reason I made a left turn at the corner light and headed my usual direction towards Como. I didn't feel too bad, just tired. My overall ride was good. I had good kilometers, then I would start feeling sluggish, then I would have a few more good kilometers, then sluggish again. I did end up riding to 7km from Como. Of course, that is only to the city limit. There is a huge downhill to the waterfront and city center. Not bad going to Como, but coming back out will be a good climb. I don't think I really have time on my weekday rides to make it there and back. I will need to start riding on Saturdays or Sundays. Once I reach Como, my next goal is undecided. I will either do the climb to the top of the funiculare or I will do the climb to the Swiss border. I'll decide that later. Como comes first. I'm dreaming of an Italian road bike. Today, on my ride, I was in awe of the fact that I am riding my bike in Italy. Italy! Where I pass no less than 30 - 40 riders each time a ride. Weekends can have hundreds of cyclists on the roads.

I just made reservations for 2 nights in Lucerne Switzerland. Our August trip looks like this: 2 nights in Murren Switzerland, 2 nights in Lucerne Switzerland, 3 nights in Munich Germany, 2 nights is Salzburg Austria, and the remaining nights in yet to be determined destinations in Slovenia.

It is hot and very humid today. We've had a couple of days of high humidity, but the actual temps were in the low 80's. Today it is in the 90's with high humidity. AC has been running for 3 days now.

Brandon and I had our Italian lessons this afternoon. I am still struggling with past tense, but each lesson brings more clarity. Brandon seems to be doing well. I actually heard Rosella and Brandon talking about past tense. Hmmm. That is humbling that my 8 year old son is catching up to me. I'm proud of him though.

We are having hamburgers and fries for dinner...very Italian. It's almost 8pm and Katrina is not home. Apparently she is swamped with work before we leave on vacation.

We leave tomorrow night (Friday). We take the bus, the Metro and a train to the airport, then a shuttle to the hotel. We have an early flight to Amsterdam on Saturday. We will be in Amsterdam through Tuesday, then take an ICE train and local train to Bacharach Germany (Rhine River Valley). We are in Bacharach from Tuesday through Friday. Friday we take another train to Heidelberg and stay there until Sunday, when we catch a couple of trains back to Milan and Monza. It should be a fun and interesting trip. I am taking my laptop, so I should have blog updates.

We spent the evening packing and getting ready for our trip.

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