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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Off to Malpensa

Katrina resta sotto l'ombrellone - Katrina stays under the beach umbrella.

We spent the morning ironing and packing for our Amsterdam trip. I also had to make sure the cat feeder/water feeder were full and that the house was in order.

We had a very quick and sudden thunderstorm this morning. Two very loud thunder crashes and some very light rain, then it passed over.

I spent the afternoon getting ready for our trip. Brandon played with his cars. He made an Autodromo track on his bedroom floor.

Sweeping, folding laundry, making sure the house is closed up for our trip.

Brandon and I rode bikes over to the back so that could get some more cash for our trip. The skies were darkening again. As soon as I had the cash, the skies opened up and it began to pour. We stood under the awning for about 10min, then decided to ride home when it let up a bit. We were soaked by the time we got home, which is only about 3 blocks. I can still hear thunder occasionally.

Katrina arrived home around 7pm. She showed me the latest damage to our car. No, she didn’t back into the garage door frame again. Apparently, about the same time Brandon and I got caught in the rainstorm, they had a big hail storm at work. The roof and hood of the car are full of dents and our windshield has cracks. I guess we will be trading it in for rental car #3 when we return from our trip.
Our trip to the hotel was quite the adventure. We caught bus z221 from Vedano to Monza then had to switch buses to another z221 at the main station. This second bus took us to Sesto San Giovanni, where we caught the Metro to Cadorna station. In Cadorna switched over to the Malpensa Express train that took us to Malpensa airport. At the airport we had caught the Novotel Hotel shuttle, finally arriving 3 hours after leaving our apartment. We were tired (it was close to 11pm), so we went straight to bed after making sure we had a 5:45am wakeup call.

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