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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ci vediamo questa sera alle dieci in piazzetta - We'll meet tonight in the piazzetta (little square).

Today in Vedano al Lambro: a couple of afternoon showers, high 29c.

Brandon has a full day of school today and a 1/2 day tomorrow, then summer break begins.

Ugh. I left the house with enough time to drive over to a bike shop on the route to Katrina's office. Unfortunately, the normal route through Parco di Monza is closed due to some sort of market/festival. The traffic was impossible. I tried to drive into Monza to take a different route and made very little progress, leaving me not enought time to get to the bike shop and back home in time for Katrina to go to work. I guess I will live a few more days without.

I just made reservations for Castello di Sebastiano near Torino. This is the castle that Brandon's class stayed at for their residential trip. He has been excited to show it to us and Katrina has been wanting to visit Torino. We will head that way on Saturday, spend the night in the castle and head home on Sunday.

I spent some more time trying to find a hotel room in Heidelberg Germany, then decided to ride my bike over to the market/festival at Parco di Monza to see what was going on.

One of the more interesting booths at the market. They really like their smoked meat and sausage here. This booth had all sorts of unusual meats.

It turned out to mostly be a very large market. They must have had a 100 or more booths selling everything from cheese and meat, candy, clothing, olives and gadgets, to cheap toys and one man's junk. They also had some cows and a lot of horses on display. I'm not really sure what that was all about...auction maybe? There were people at the gates of the park protesting the inhumane treatment and butchering of cows and pigs. Therefore, also the presence of quite a few polizia.

I spent the afternoon doing my usual things around the house: load of laundry, sweeping, cleaning, etc.

I just completed the full itinerary and reservations for our July trip. We will fly to Amsterdam and spend 3 nights. Next, we take the train to Dusseldorf, where we switch trains to arrive at Bacharach in the Rhine River Valley for 3 nights. Then we take a couple of trains to Heidelberg Germany to stay for 2 nights, followed by an 8 hour train ride from Heidelberg to Milano to finish off the trip. Whew...thats a lot of planning. I hope all is in order. Now to plan what to do in these locations.

I made Stracotto con Cipolle (beef pot roast with onions)and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight...with a little red wine. Very nice.

Brandon and Katrina spent the evening painting. I was feeling a little grumpy, so I just stayed quiet and did my own thing so as not to make anyone else unhappy.

I worked on my ship for about an hour today. I'm making slow but steady progress. The sides are starting to appear, one strip of wood at a time.

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