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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today in Vedano al Lambro: a couple of thunderstorms, high 31c.

We had some really heavy rain with a little bit if thunder and lighting in the 8pm hour last night. Brandon still chose to sleep on the balcony. Its well protected, so that is not an issue.

I had a horrible night falling asleep. Then I woke up many times through the night. Katrina didn't fall asleep until late and woke up this morning feeling very achy and sick. She had me call Rosella to cancel her Italian lesson.

Brandon was in an unusual mood this morning. I got out of the shower and found him delinting the pillows on the couch and dusting the tables and shelves. He did a great job. If only he was interested in helping out (of his own free will) more often.

Brandon and I headed to Auchan to stock up on a few groceries. Katrina stayed in bed, but had plans to go into work later today.

Katrina got up for awhile when are arrived home from Auchan. She is now sleeping again. Brandon is starting his Italian lesson. We had him take the month of June off because he was a little overwhelmed. Both of our lessons went very well today.

After Italian lessons, Brandon and I went for a bike ride in Parco di Monza. It's amazing how the temperature drops several degrees when you enter the park. It was very hot and very humid this afternoon.

We decided to make some basic pasta with pomodoro sauce this evening. Brandon and I also decided to get some gelato for all of us. We decided it would help Katrina's throat feel better. If it didn't, then at least it would taste good!

We spent the evening on the couch watching TV, eating gelato and just relaxing. Katrina is feeling a tiny bit better, but she is still very stuffy and achy.

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