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Monday, June 29, 2009


Visitiamo la Grotta Azzurra! - Let's go visit the Blue Grotto!

Today in Vedano al Lambro: a couple of thunderstorms, high 31c.

Went for a ride this morning. Same route, just one roundabout farther than last time. I'm getting one roundabout closer to Lake Como on each ride. Today I rode 35.8km. It was a good ride. I drafted a team of 5 riders for several kilometers before they pulled off for a break near their team car. I know they were riding slow and I was pushing hard, but it was fun to ride in a group. It was very hot and humid this morning.

Katrina left for work around 10:30. Brandon spent the morning playing while I did showered and did some house cleaning and started a load of laundry. We made sure to go grocery shopping before 1pm when the store closes for the lunch break. I also swept and mopped the apartment. It is so warm today. The AC is barely keeping us cool.

Brandon and I went down to Parco di Matteotti for a little while. IT deosn't feel quite as humid as it did earlier today. The forecast called for thunderstorms, but the skies have been clear all day so far.

We just had a family from the other wing of our building stop by to introduce themselves. They have a ten year old son and a 2 or 3 year old. The Mom (I am bad - I already forgot her name) is from Canada and is married to an Italian. Now Brandon has someone who speaks English to play with.

I made beef enchiladas, corn and salad for dinner tonight. We can't eat Italian every night...or can we?!?! The Mexican food in the grocery stores is an attempt at being Mexican, but not everything lives up to our expectations. The sauce for the enchiladas was very much like pomodoro sauce, but thicker. It didn't taste bad. It just wasn't Mexican. I guess we will have to eat at Mexicali a little more often to get fill our desires.

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