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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Its Friday, the last day of our first week in Italy. Katrina usually heads to work around 11am, but today she needs to drive into Milan to sign documents concerning taxes in Italy. We could fill a book with all the documents we have had to sign since we moved here. And next week, there are more to sign.

I walked Brandon to school today. Katrina usually walks him, but she had to leave early for the document appointment. It was chilly, but it should warm up to 19C (68 degrees) today. The sky was overcast when we woke up, but the sun is starting to break through. It should be another beautiful day in Vedano.

Brandon loves to stop at the park on our way home from school each day. Most days we stop at Parco di Matteotti, right next door to our apartment. It has a great rope climbing structure, swings and a rope swing.

Brandon is having hot lunch today because they are having pasta. He loves pasta. This is only his second hot lunch. He'll probably bring a sack lunch most days. Hot lunch costs 6 Euro per day. Thats about $7.80 at the current exhange rate!!

I walked over to Brandon's school at 3:20 to pick him up. He had a great week at school and told me all about the new words he learned in Italian class today. He even taught me a few new words that I did not know. I'm convinced he will eventually become more fluent in Italian than me.

Brandon and I decided to stop for gelato on the way home. Brandon had limone and I had cremonatta (vanilla with hazelnut chocolate). We decided this will be our Friday afternoon treat from now on!

This evening Mike (the other HP engineer) came over and we all walked over to the bar to enjoy drinks and snacks. A little after 8pm we walked over to the center of Vedano for dinner. Brandon had his customary pasta primodoro. Mike and Katrina had pizzas and I had a Calzone. Mike is always full of laughs. We had a great time.

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