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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sunny Day in Vedano

We woke up to another sunny day in Vedano. We seem to be in a good routine now. Brandon has been slow to wakeup, even though he gets to sleep an extra 45 minutes. In Oregon he had to wakeup for school at 7am and start school at 8:15. Here in Vedano he wakes up at 7:45 and has to be to school by 8:50.

No laundry today! We don't have quite enough for a load. I guess I won't be doing it everyday.

Last night Stevie actually ventured out of our room. When I saw him come out I closed our bedroom door so that he had to stay out for awhile. He ate some food in the kitchen, then wandered around. I later found him in Brandon's bed. Then I found him sitting on the ledge of our open kitchen window. He later followed me out onto the balcony where he sat on the ledge in the dark for quite awhile. Overall, he was much less of a nuisance last night while we were sleeping.

I felt really good and full of energy yesterday. I had been suffering from tiredness in the early afternoons, but not yesterday. This morning I am extremely tired. I was hoping I was over the jet lag already, but I guess not.

Walking to Brandon's school today I was instantly hit with itchy eyes and sneezing. I guess I need to resume my allergy meds. I was fine for the first few days. Today has been a breezy day and you can actually see a lot of dust and pollen in the air since we have the park next door and it has so many trees.

I walked over to Supermarcato Punto today. We needed some ingredients for a recipe in our Italian cookbook. I couldn't find everything. That may be because things at the stores are not all in the same places at in the US. Or, they just don't have what I need since its a small supermarket. One interesting difference I can share is in the produce section. When you choose produce you must put on a plastic glove. Each item, tomatoes for instance, has a code number on its price tag. You place the item on the scale and enter the code. It then prints a tag for the amount you are purchasing. I'm not sure what would happen if you don't use a glove?

I met up with Simona (one of our relocation experts) and she drove Brandon and I into downtown Monza to help us get signed up for Sky Channel tv. After all sorts of talking about what we wanted and how much it would cost, we found out that Sky Channel will not accept credit cards from outside of Europe. They have had too many people leave Europe with unpaid credit accounts. So, we will need to wait until next week or the week after when we get our local bank account setup. We have had not problem using our Visa to pay for almost everything. They just don't like it for the annual Sky Channel contract. With Sky Channel we will get local Italian shows, news, Disney and other kid channels, movies and sports channels. All shows that are produced in English can be viewed in English or Italian. All shows produced in Italian can only be viewed in Italian.

Its been another beautiful day. Its a little breezy this evening, but there hasn't been any rain and very little cloud cover as was forecasted.

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