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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour

Today Brandon and I headed to Albany and the Linn County Fairgrounds for the Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour.

I have been riding a little bit.  Brandon hasn't really been riding much since last summer in Italy.  So, a family friendly 40 mile ride would be a bit of a challenge for both of us, but we were up to it.

We had a great time riding.  The 40 mile would cross over 2 covered bridges.  The longer rides crossed a few more.

Brandon really enjoyed the rest stops.  The first rest stop offered fruit, bagels and muffins.  The second rest stop offered watermelon, chips, muffins, Twizzlers, and brownies.

After the first stop, Brandon was revived and hammered his way up the biggest climb of the ride.  He was pretty proud of himself.

I could tell he was getting tired in the last 10 miles or so.  We took a couple of extra stops along the way, but when we reached the final mile or so, Brandon kicked it in and finished strong.

Rootbeer floats waited for us at the finish line!

I was so proud of Brandon.  It was a long ride for absolutely no training.  He did great!  We are now signed up for a ride on the coast coming up next weekend.

Brandon was apparently pretty tired this evening.  I found him asleep on our bed at 7:30pm.

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