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Friday, July 22, 2011

Pre-Trip Prep Day

We woke up to a sunny morning in Corvallis!!

Brandon spent the night on the floor in our room.  Poor guy had a rough afternoon and evening of sickness.  This morning he was feeling a bit better, but was very tired and not hungry at all.  

I spent much of the morning preparing for our trip to Colorado:  mowing, grocery shopping for road trip snacks and drinks, get the cat ready for two weeks of alone time, doing a last load of laundry, and packing.  

Brandon and I partially watched and totally listened to Coldplay this afternoon. They were playing live from the Itunes festival in London.  Pretty cool to see a concert live from 8 hours away!  The wonders of technology.  

This afternoon I mowed the lawn, trimmed some tree branches and started packing suitcases for our trip.  Brandon was feeling a lot better as the day went on, but was still tired.  He should be good to go by tomorrow.

Katrina returned our rental mini van today.  We were able to have it for our move and up to three weeks.  Now we are a one truck, one scooter, and multiple bike family and plan to stay that way for the long term.  Katrina started it off right by taking the bus home from work today.

This evening was more packing and getting ready to leave for Colorado in the morning.

One interesting habit that the three of us find ourselves having difficulty breaking is - in Italy most light switches are outside the door of a room or bathroom.  Here in the US, most are inside the room.  We have a light switch near our bedroom door that Katrina and I seem to try and use most nights and then we realize we just turned on the hallway light, not our bedroom.  Habits are interesting creatures.

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