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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Driving to Twin Falls Idaho

We left home and headed out on another trip.  It's crazy, we've only been home for 3 weeks and now we are traveling again.  This time to Colorado to visit family and friends, some of whom we haven't seen since we moved to Italy.

We left the house at 7:30am, stopped at Safeway for ice, chai and gas, then headed out.

Highway 20 east over Santiam Pass, through Bend and on into Burns where we stopped at Subway for lunch.  From there we continued east to Ontario and then into Idaho.  Through Boise and on to Twin Falls, our stop for the night.

Eastern Oregon, barren and mostly flat

Crossing the Snake River into Idaho

Idaho doesn't look much different than eastern Oregon

Overall it was an uneventful trip.  It even seemed faster than usual, although our time was about 11 hours of driving.  The high temp for the day was 95 degrees F.

We had fajitas for dinner at Chili's.  Chili's has now been added to our "DO NOT EAT AT LIST".  The food was not that good and we left feeling kinda gross.  By the way, so far on our list:  KFC, Safeway Chinese food, and Chili's.

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