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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today we made a trip up to Portland.  Our first stop was at our friend Megan's house.  Her and her family have been babysitting our freezer while we were in Italy.  It was great to see them.  We plan to fill our freezer with lots of blueberries and strawberries for use in the winter.

Our second stop was IKEA.  We planned to shop for several things:  a small computer desk and bookshelves for Brandon, some shelves for Katrina, and couches for our family room.  We came home with bookshelves, the desk and Katrina's shelves.  We also found the couches we like, but waited on that so we could measure and see how they would fit in the room.  Our bonus was that we found a new entertainment/shelf system.  We had plans to replace our entertainment center, but didn't specifically plan to start looking until after the couches were purchased.  Well, we found one we like (actually, its several pieces that can be put into one).  We decided to wait  until we have our couch plan in place.

The trip to IKEA took most of the day.  I think we arrived home around 4pm.  Shopping is tiring!  I will post pictures of everything when I get it all put together.

Tomorrow, our lives get a little bit more routine.  Katrina will go to work.  Brandon will go to day camp.  I will put furniture together, take care of errands, be at the house for the locksmith and spend time looking to see what employment options are out there.

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