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Monday, June 20, 2011

They Took My TV...

Each day is a step closer to moving.  Today was no exception.  This morning American Rentals (interesting name) came and picked up our TV, microwave and vacuum.   Three less items in the house.  

One funny thing happened as the TV we being taken out of the house.  The mail arrived.  Today's mail - a bill for the second half of the year TV tax...not gonna pay it!

At noon today I made my lunch and sat down at the table ready to watch my usual TV series DVD - right now I'm working through Quantum Leap.  As I went to get the remote I realized that I didn't have a TV.  Old habits die hard.

I wish I could say that about trash bags.  For every trash bag I take down to the basement, two more seem to stack up by the door.  How did we collect so much stuff?  

I spent much of my day touching up paint on the walls, cleaning, sorting and generally getting ready for the movers.  

Brandon's class gave him a going away gift at school today - an Italian football jersey with his name on it and a football signed by everyone in the class.  Very cool!  

Apparently I watch too much TV lately.  When I returned home from picking up Brandon at school, I immediately sat down on the couch so I could see what bike races might be on....no TV.  

This evening I made bruschetta for dinner.  We weren't very hungry, so it made for a tasty light meal.  We opened a bottle of wine that Brandon bottled last year at the castle in Bled Slovenia.  

It's a warm evening in Vedano, after a pretty warm day.  My allergies have kicked in as the day progressed and I'm pretty miserable this evening.  The best thing about my allergies in Italy is that they seem to only hit me for a day or so at a time.  

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