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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Haircuts and Sorting

This morning Claudio came by the house to give Katrina and I haircuts.  Claudio had a shop across the street from our apartment, but I guess it was getting too expensive, so he closed it last month.  Now he does house calls.  Wow, he cut it super short.  I feel like a Marine - if only I was as fit as a Marine. Katrina was next...

Claudio "Styles" Katrina's hair

After our haircuts, Katrina and I spent some time separating the things we are taking with us from the things that are being shipped.  All of the things we are taking with us are now in our closets or the guest bathroom.  We don't want any mix ups with the movers.  

This afternoon some of the Class Reps at Brandon's school presented me with a gift - two cookbooks.  That was very nice and unexpected.  

This evening Brandon and I attended the International Night at the Ramazotti School.  Wow, what great food!  Especially the Madagascar Curry.  

Tomorrow morning at 8am, the movers arrive to start packing and moving our things out.  They hope to finish in one day, but Thursday is also on the schedule.

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