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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Off to Venice

This afternoon we packed up two backpacks and headed to Venice one last time.  I say 'one last time' because Katrina and I have visited Venice 8 times in two years.  Brandon has been there 7 times.  It's one of our favorite places in Italy, a bit more so for Katrina.

We drove to Mestre, parked and hopped on a train across the causeway into Venice.  We enjoy arriving in Venice this way because of the 'awe' effect you get when you exit the train station onto the Grand Canal.  For those friends with kids, its kind of like walking under the train station and entering main street at Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom.  You are immediately transported into a different world.

We caught a vaporetto to our hotel, our usual place - Alloggi Barbaria.  We have stayed here 7 of our 8 visits.  It's a simple place, but clean, roomy and away from the crowds.  

After dropping off our backpacks, we headed out to explore Venice.  We intended to head towards the Jewish ghetto, but got sidetracked when we saw a traghetto crossing (a large gondola which takes people across the grand canal) and decided to take it to the other side, where our favorite Chinese restaurant is located.

I spotted this little mosaic along the waterfront near our hotel.  Katrina got excited when I pointed it out.  She said one of her friends told her about these Space Invaders and how they can be found all over Europe.  

I recognized this place from the Rick Steve's video on Venice.  Its an old wood workshop where gondolas are built.  

Chupa Chup - one of Brandon's favorite treats.  He prefers strawberry.

We had a nice dinner and the food was just as good as always.  After dinner we wandered around along the the Grand Canal.  

Interesting light effects along the Grand Canal.

Looking up the Grand Canal at sunset.

Venetian Lion flag hanging above the fish market.

Back on the other side of the Grand Canal just as it gets dark.  

We had a great evening.  Venice is such a wonderful and magical place.  Tomorrow we plan to take a vaporetto to the islands of Murano, Burano and Tortcello.  

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