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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last Day of School

Today was Brandon's last day attending the International School of Monza.  He was in pretty good spirits this morning.  He's been at this school since the end of 3rd grade (2nd grade in the US).  The first several weeks had its ups and downs - we just moved to a new place, new classmates, different teaching styles, and a new country after living your whole 8 year life in Corvallis Oregon.  That is a lot to handle, even for an adult.

In the grand scheme, Brandon is a much more mature, brave, caring and daring person from it all.  He's more willing to try new things.  He's more willing to try new foods.  He's more willing to talk to new people.  He more of a risk taker.

And now he will be an official 5th grade student.  He's excited to return to his old school and sad to leave his current school behind.  If we were staying, he would have started 6th grade at the middle school.

Summer break can be an exciting and sad time for students, especially at an International School.  Most families leave for the summer, either returning to their home country or going on vacation.

Ms Dyas tries to get the kids in order.  They were a bit worked up about summer break, as well as sad.  

Finally, some order for a picture.

And back to craziness!

Brandon and Vincent

Rocco and Brandon

Emilio, Brandon and Tommaso

Brandon and Filipo

Brandon and Tommaso

Brandon and Hugo

Brandon and Emily


This morning, while Brandon was in school, I visited the kids at Ramazotti School.  These are the Transition (kindergarten in the US) kids I read with each Tuesday morning.  

Ramazotti kids with teachers Anna on the left and Ms Dyas next to me.  

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