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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last Pizza Night

This evening we had Italian pizza for the last time...a very sad moment for me.  I love Italian pizza.  Brandon and I went over to our favorite pizzeria, Il Ghiotonne, to pick them up and take some pictures.  

Here are several pictures - the art of Italian pizza making - photos by Brandon

The three pizzas ordered before us go in the wood fired oven.  Now time to make our pizzas:  1 Margharita, 1 Marinara and 1 Pugliese

Select the dough

Roll it out

Add tomato sauce

Cheese and toppings

Add Oregano 

And more seasonings


And into the oven


Our pizzeria friends

Pizzas, ready to go in about 10 minutes

Brandon tries his hand at pizza making

I tried making pizzas a couple of times, without much success.  I will keep practicing and hope to someday build a wood fired oven on the patio.  

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