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Monday, June 27, 2011

Last Day in Venezia

Today was our last day in Venice.  We had our usual breakfast in the hotel, then checked out.  We would end up spending much of the morning wandering around Venice.

Produce boat.  

By late morning we found ourselves near the 'top' end of the Grand Canal.  We wanted to see the canal once last time, so we hopped on vaporetto #2 and headed towards San Marco.  

There are many gondoliers on the Grand Canal

They are breeding giant crabs in the waters of Venice

This mosaic was done with plastic bottles.

Tourists take a break at the Venice produce market

Another gondolier

Italy is full of scaffolding.  You can't visit a historic town anywhere in Italy without seeing some of this.  

Colorful gondolas

Mosaics along the Grand Canal

How would you like this for a private yacht

San Marco.  Once we reached this end of the Grand Canal, we just stayed seated and headed back to where we started.

Look how skinny this house is!

One final gondolier shot.  

We love Venice and will most likely visit here again someday.  It will definitely take a place on my top 5 list.

Once we arrived back at the train station, we caught a train to Mestre, hopped in the car and drove home.  Tomorrow begins a busy and short week before we head home on Friday.  

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