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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Neutral Day for the Giro d'Italia

Today's stage 4 of the Giro d'Italia was run as a neutral day for racing.  The ride would go on, but there would be no racing, no classifications, no points or time earned and no awards ceremonies.  The only ceremony was a moment of silence for Wouter Weylandt, the Leopard Trek rider who lost his life during a high speed downhill crash yesterday.

Today was all about his memory.  Each team took turns leading the pack for about 10 km each.  The crowds were amazing.  Huge and respectful.  Instead of loud cheering and urging the riders on, there was only respectful clapping as they passed by.  Many people held up banners with Wouters name and rider number.  A fitting tribute.

In the last 10 km Team Leopard Trek were given the honor of leading the peleton and crossing the finish line together.  His best friend and fellow cyclist, Tylar Ferrar, joined Leopard Trek at the finish.

After an evening of consultation with the team, Team Leopard Trek decided to pull out of the Giro d'Italia for this year.

Tomorrow, the race continues, but I'm sure this tragedy will still be in everyones thoughts.

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