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Friday, April 1, 2011

Pizza Party, Sleepover and Countdowns

It's Friday.  I think the high hit mid to upper 70's today.  Wow!  It felt like summer...or finally spring.

Brandon's 5th grade class hosted a pizza lunch with parents this afternoon.  It was a good time and I think all the students and parents enjoyed it.  Lots of pizza, drinks, cookies, cake and even some family fraction homework - pizza fractions.

This evening two of Brandon's friends, Diego and Vincent, came home with us.  Brandon is having a sleepover to celebrate his birthday.  They spent most of their time playing with Legos and on the Wii.  I made pasta alla Bolognese for dinner.  After dinner we enjoyed some Puffle cupcakes that Brandon and  Katrina made last night.

And now for Countdowns:  Today we are officially at 90 days left in Italy.  We always knew we would be heading home this summer, but it looks looking to be a transition year for several of our friends.  We have friends moving to California, Belgium and several other European destinations.

Once again, all I can say is "Bittersweet".

I tried to think of a great April Fool's joke, but I just don't have one.

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