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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Museo Dell'Automobile

Today we headed to Torino (Turin) to visit the Fiat's Museo Dell'Automobile.  This museum recently reopened after extensive remodeling.

Torino is the headquarters for the Fiat Corporation.  I learned that Fiat is an acronym for, Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino.  I also learned that Fiat has purchased many automobile companies over the decades, including Alpha Romeo, Lancia, and many more.  They also are 50% shareholders in Ferrari, and now they are 25% shareholders of Chrysler.

Horseless carriage.  This coach has an engine and transmission.

Early designers were immediately consumed by the 'need for speed'.  

Many automobiles from the early stages of motored transportation.  Most of these are European models.

This is an American model - Oldsmobile Curved Dash, 1904

An early Fiat

Delage AB-8, 1913  French made

I really liked this car, the Aprilia made by Lancia, 1948

An another classic America car, Packard Super-Eight 1501, 1937

One of the original Fiat 500's, 1936

WWII hits Europe

This turbine powered car could reach speeds of 150mph

Fiat 600 ???


1955 Fiat 600.  Our friend Jack is giving us one of these when we return to the States.  His is a 1960 Fiat 600 with a convertible ragtop.  Our will be a red/orange color.

Fiat 500

This was a car for lovers

No Italian automobile museo would be complete without a Ferrari

Fiat Ecobasic

Formula 1 Concept Car

Race cars through the decades

Formula 1 Ferrari

Another Ferrari.  I want one!

Typical Italian intersection - signs and more signs

For those who have to 'go' on the go.  

I really liked many of the small cars, like this one.

And I really liked this one.

Volkswagon...who knew?!


The doors in this mini van sure make for easy access.  

The museum has quite the collection of cars, located on three different floors.  Our favorites were the old ones, from the 50's on back.  I highly recommend this museum if you find yourself in Torino.  

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