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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grade 5 Coffee Morning

Today I am feeling 80% better.  I'm still not back to normal, but I am getting there.  My sore throat is basically gone, but I am still suffering from some nasal congestion.

This morning I met with grade 5 parents for coffee at DOC Bar in Vedano.  We meet once a month to chat and discuss issues at school and in the classroom.

I drove Katrina to work today so that we could stop and get our pictures taken for our immigration renewal.  We need 4 pictures each for the renewal process.  After school I took Brandon to the shopping center to get his pictures taken.  We have our next immigration renewal appointment tomorrow morning.

Katrina had a late evening aperitivo with coworkers, so Brandon and I were on our own for dinner.  While we were out getting Brandon's pictures taken, we stopped at Auchan and bought a roasted chicken.  Very tasty!  Roasted chicken is one of Brandon's favorite meals.

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