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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunshine and Cold Temps

We woke up to another sunny but cold morning in Vedano.  Why has it been so darn hard to wakeup lately?

Brandon had a hard time waking up as well, but he managed and was in good spirits at breakfast.  He decided to quickly do an experiment from a book he was reading, "The Dangerous Book for Boys".  He got all the materials together to make his own crystals:  glass, water, sugar, string.  We'll see what happens...

I spent part of my morning reading with Transition (preschool) students.  I actually do most of the reading.  Our goal is to get them to help tell the story from the pictures and help them recognize words on the page.  It's going well.  Some of the students are really starting to get it.

This afternoon I went for a bike ride, then worked on some planning for our trip to Sicily next month.  I also spent a little time dreaming up ideas for my new train room at home in Corvallis.  I'm looking forward to building a new 'permanent' train layout in a space that has heat, air conditioning and convenience.  More will be blogged about this when we move home.

After school today, Brandon attended a birthday party for his classmate Tommaso.  It was held at Joy Village, a game and bowling center.

I was going to make Portugese Beef for dinner, but when I read the recipe earlier, I somehow missed the part that it needs to simmer for 5 hours.  I realized this at 6pm, an hour before Katrina got home.  So, burritos are whats for dinner tonight.

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