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Monday, January 24, 2011

Chilly Monday

It's Monday again.  This morning as Brandon was getting ready for school he says, "Ugh, where did my weekend go!"

It's a cold (-1.7 C = 26 F) but sunny day in Vedano.  Its supposed to hit the 7 or 8 degrees today (low 40's).  I hope so.

I received an airline email the other morning that offered a good deal to a destination we were planning on visiting at the end of May - Norway.  3 of us, roundtrip to Norway for 200 euro.  We now have airline reservations Sicily, Greece and Norway.  It's going to be a great spring of travels!

I walked over to the Monza market this morning to buy some parmesan.  We bought some fresh Italian parmesan as a gift for the people we are staying with in London this coming weekend.  I also bought some Toma cheese and oranges.

I made pasta and olive salad for dinner, except that I forgot to buy olives.  It still has dried tomatoes and capers, so its pretty tasty.

I'm tired this evening....

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