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Sunday, January 23, 2011


All three of us slept in this morning.  I was the last one up at 9:15am.  The sun was shining, but it was cold.  Everything outside was covered in frost.

We headed to Sirmione for the afternoon.  It's located east of Milan, on Lago di Garda (Lake Garda), about a 1 1/2 hour drive.

Once in Sirmione, we walked into the old city and toured the castle first thing.  It was sunny buy the wind made it very cold along the lake.  The castle offered a nice break from the wind.

Lago di Garda

It was sunny, but the wind made it very cold

The Rocca Scaligera, built in 1277

The walls extend into the water to protect the enclosed harbor

The drawbridge into the castle

Wall around the protected marina

We climbed to the top of this tower

I love the outline of castle walls

Brandon crosses the pedestrian drawbridge

Looking down from the tower

The old city of Sirmione and the castle that guards in are strategically located on the tip of a peninsula.  This view is looking back toward the mainland.

Katrina takes some photos from the tower lookout

The old town of Sirmione

The stairs to the top of the tower

I really like these window shots

Back down from the tower.  I just noticed the cool wall shadow.

After leaving the castle, we basically spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around the town, walking along the waterfront, shopping a little bit, eating focaccia pizzas and hot dogs for lunch, trying to stay warm and enjoying some very tasty gelato.  

Can you believe that local residents drive down these streets!

Brandon finishes his hot dog as we wander the town - he's a slow eater.

Interesting art

Brandon spots a swing in the park

Remains of a monastery from the 4th century

Lago di Garda

I like taking pictures of Katrina taking pictures

The castle as the evening sets in.  

We left Sirmione around 5:30pm, excited that the car heater would warm us up quickly.  We were COLD!  It was a great afternoon trip to this fantastic little town.  

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