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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pub Lunch and Shopping

After a late night of chatting and drinking wine, I was not that eager to get up early today.  Thankfully we had didn't have a busy morning planned.  

Katrina decided to join Kirstin, Ella and Miles as they headed to dance class.  Brandon, Tom and I hung out at home until dance class was over, then we all met at their favorite pub in Greenwich Village.  I wish I could remember the name??

What a great little pub with its long bar with many draft beers to choose from, its old wooden tables and benches, was well as tattered lounge chairs to relax and drink.  Us guys arrived first and ordered drinks, beer for Tom and I, Coke for Brandon.  The girls and Miles arrived soon after and we ordered lunch.  Fish and chips for the kids and myself.  Sandwiches and eggs for Tom and Kirsten.  Stew and mashed potatoes for Katrina.  It was all very tasty.  I always enjoy a good fish and chips.  

After lunch, Tom and family led us down to the train station.  We wanted to do a little shopping in the city.  This trip really wasn't intended to be much of a sightseeing weekend, but more of a shopping, photography and hanging out with friends weekend.  

Time for the shopping.  Brandon wanted to find a Disney store so that he could find a new blue Puffle.  All three of us wanted to shop for books.  We found ourselves in the huge Foyle's bookstore.  Brandon found a few Horrible History books, I found a mosaic book and Katrina found a photography book.  Success!

Unfortunately, Brandon was feeling pretty sick at this point, so we made a mad dash back to the train and back to our hosts home.  He ended up taking a couple hour nap.  When he woke up he was still feeling bad.  Eventually, he tummy felt really bad and he ran to the bathroom to chunder...throw up.  I was looking for a new word to describe it.  I came up with 'chunder'.  

As is often the case, he felt much better afterwards and spent the evening playing his new board game, Rotten Romans, with Ella.  

Once again, the adults hung out in the kitchen, chatting, drinking wine, and enjoying Tom's fabulous pizzas.  The best one was made with red onion and goat cheese.  Delicious!!  

Kirstin writes a fun blog called, A Cook Book a Month.  Each month she and Tom try recipes from one cookbook and write their reactions.  Katrina and I were part of the process for the cheesecake she made this evening, which was really tasty.  

It was another fun and fabulous day in London with our new friends.  Tomorrow we will get to visit some old friends who moved away from Monza this past August.  

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