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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Old Friends and the Science Museum

Our 'home' for the weekend

Katrina was the first one up today.  She and Kirstin were heading into Greenwich Village for a photo walk with a few online photographer friends.

Brandon was up next and spent part of the morning playing a Lego video game with Miles and Ella.  Around 11am, he and I headed out to catch the train.

Our destination, visiting his old classmate Amelie and her family at their new home here in London.  We arrived at noon and Brandon quickly disappeared upstairs to play with Amelie and her brother.  I stayed downstairs to chat with Sue.  We haven't seen them since August when they made a quick and unexpected (to us anyway) move to London.  We had a nice chat, then Sue served a great lunch of roasted chicken, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cobb.  This was followed by a raspberry cake that the kids made.  Delicious! We are being spoiled by all the great meals on this trip.

After lunch I hung out and chatted with Sue, Pascal and his mother, who was also visiting.  Brandon disappeared again, this time to play outside.  What a great experience to visit a foreign city and be able to visit good friends.

Brandon and friends

We left, reluctantly, around 4pm and headed back into downtown London.  Katrina would be meeting us at the Science Museum.  It took us about an hour to get to the science museum.  Katrina was waiting for us in the lobby.  Like many of the great London museums, admission was free.

Brandon wanted to visit the large gift shop first thing.  He was looking for a door alarm that Ella told him about.  He found it, but decided to get a secret spy watch instead.

We headed upstairs to see the hands on displays first.  It's always fun to try the experiments.  This was a very busy section of the museum.  We spent most of our time in this area then quickly headed down to the space exhibits before the museum closed for the day.  This is a great science museum.  If you are ever in London, check it out.

This evening we enjoyed another great meal at Tom and Kirstin's home.  They made two roast chickens, potatoes with potatoes.  We enjoyed some fabulous bread pudding for dessert.  This was followed by bread and three varieties of cheese.  More great cooking from our London friends.

Once again, we spent the evening chatting and drinking wine in the kitchen while the kids played a Lego game in the other room.

It's been a super trip to London, making new friends, seeing old friends, eating lots of great food, drinking wine, and shopping in the city.  I only took a few pictures this trip.  I'm not sure why?

Tomorrow we will head home....

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