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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cascais and Harry Potter

Today we headed to Cascais.  To get there we head to take the Metro to the train station, near the waterfront, then catch a train.  The ride to Cascais takes about 40 min.  It's a beautiful train ride along the coast of Portugal - Atlantic Ocean. 

Cascais was once a fishing village.  It is now a developed resort with shops, restaurants, and hotels.  Locals and tourists enjoy its three small sandy beaches.  Despite all the development, Cascais has retained some of its small town character.  

Beautiful architecture in Cascais

Another beautiful house, this one is a B&B

In the town center

Cool wave patterns on the piazza

The town halls sign - in 5 languages

We made our way out towards the waterfront.  The coast is beautiful and the town of Cascais is/was protected by a large fortress.  

Mermaid looking to the sea

There are still a number of small fishing boats in this harbor

Brandon checks out one of the beaches

The heritage of the sea is evident all over town

Corner turret of the fortress

We were going to walk around the fortress but Brandon was hungry.  We realized we were all hungry, so we wandered back through the streets and found a nice little restaurant for lunch.  Unfortunately, it didn't open for another 30 minutes.  The menu looked good, so we wandered the side streets around the restaurant, exploring and taking pictures for 30 minutes.

On one narrow street, this Collie came out of an open door and wandered around.  He really wanted attention.  He would walk up to everyone walking by and brush up against them.  He was such a beautiful dog.  At one point, Katrina stooped down to take a picture of a doorway and the Collie snuggled up against her - as you can see. 

We had an excellent lunch.  I wish I could remember the name of the place.  Any meal is great with Sangria.  I love Sangria.  I've got to look up a recipe on the internet to see how to make it.

After lunch we split up.  Katrina was meeting a photography friend.  Brandon and I wanted to walk around the fortress and see the ocean.  We planned to meet at 4:30pm back in town.  


Church across the street from where we had lunch.

Art at the fortress

Another turret picture.  I guess I like them. 

The seas were really rough.  Huge waves were pounding the seawall that protects the harbor.

I could sit and watch the ocean for hours.

Cascais has quite an impressive sailing fleet and school

We met Katrina at 4:30, but then she left us again.  She wanted to see a small art exhibit, so Brandon and I wandered around, then sat by the beach and watched the ocean. 

We rode the train back to Lisbon in the dark and headed straight to the mall.  We weren't very hungry after our big lunch, so we wanted something light.  Ha!  We each ended up getting the same meals we had the other night.  The fun part was, we ate slowly to kill time until 9pm...

...you see, in Portugal they do not dub most movies.  And we were dying to see an English language movie.  We had a choice between the new Narnia movie or Harry Potter.  We chose Harry Potter and had a good time.  One interesting thing about movie theaters (cinemas) in Europe - most of them we have been to sell tickets for assigned seats.  The funny part is, the theater was only a 1/10 full and everyone sat in their assigned seats.  No one moved to a better seat. 

Anyway, it was a fantastic day in Portugal.  Tomorrow we will stay in Lisbon and visit the science museum.  

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