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Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunny Monday

It's Monday and Christmas 2010 is behind us.  It's a bittersweet feeling in many ways.  Christmas is a magical time for our family.  We love to decorate our tree, share presents, build a gingerbread house, watch movies and see the Christmas lights.   Another Christmas has come and passed.  It was great, but I will miss the season until it arrives again next year.  It's also a bit sad to think that this was our last Christmas in Italy.  I will miss the traditions and festivities of this wonderful country.

There are the Christmas markets in each town that are filled with vendors, many of them international, for much of the month.  Each town seems to work really hard to hang lights and decorate.  Lights hang over the city streets, the pedestrian malls and store windows.  It's a fabulous time to be out and about. 

Next Christmas will be spent at home, in Corvallis.  It will be nice to be back in our house and I look forward to putting up Christmas lights and decorations.  I also look forward to seeing our European memories hang on the tree, so that we will always remember our experiences here in Italy and Europe. 

It was sunny today in Vedano.  With the sun comes colder temperatures.  That's ok, I'll take the sunshine. 

Brandon and I went for a bike ride this afternoon.  I needed to get out and do something after spending 2 days in the house.  I also needed to get my lazy butt in gear and exercise.  My weight has been steadily climbing again this winter and I don't like it.  We took it easy and slow.  The last time I was on my bike was in mid November.  It was cold, but we had the gear to stay mostly warm. 

This evening was a relaxing one at home.  We had a fend night for dinner.  Thats where its every family member for themselves.  Brandon had leftover stuffing.  I had a bratwurst.  Katrina had mac & cheese.  Katrina and Brandon bought the Quantum Leap box set of DVD's for one of my Christmas gifts, so I started watching episode 1.  Wow, takes me back a long time. 

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