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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Naples and Heading Home

We had planned on sleeping in a bit today, but Carolyn and Brandon rang our room around 8am and said they were heading down to breakfast.  Katrina and I met them downstairs a bit later. 

We decided to ride  the City Sightseeing bus today.  It was cold and cloudy, and we just didn't feel like wandering around on our own. 

We caught the Sightseeing bus near the Museo Archeologico.  City Sightseeing has 4 different routes in Napoli.  We ended up riding three of them today, taking a break for some lunch between ride one and ride two. 

It Italy, its all about the hand gestures. Our Sightseeing bus stopped in this park for a 10 minute break. 

My photo collection of trash in Naples.

Riding on the top open deck of the City Sightseeing bus.  On our third route, we ended up downstairs and inside.  It was getting cold and began to rain.

Napoli  traffic

Museo Archeologico

Vendor selling produce and garlic on the street

Galleria Umberto I, very similiar to the Galleria in Milano.  I think the one is Milano is older. 

Piazza Plebsicito

Castel Nuovo

Reliefs on the doors to Castel Nuovo

Castel Nuovo

Sailing Harbor

More Napoli traffic

Overlook:  City of Napoli

Mt Vesuvius

Monestery that sits above the city of Napoli

More Napoli traffic

...and more Napoli traffic

And, as a parting shot, more Napoli trash. 

Around 5pm we made our way back to the hotel to pickup our luggage, then walked to the train station to catch our bus to the airport.  We were all tired of Italian food, so McDonalds was our dinner while we waited for the bus. 

EasyJet was our transportation back to Milan.  Its cheap, its easy and its a jet.  We arrived home around 11pm.  The Milan area is so much colder than down in Napoli!

Overall, it was a great trip.  It made me look forward to our planned February trip to Sicily.  I loved the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Paestum, Pompeii and Herculaneum.  I didn't love or really even like Napoli.  I didn't like the congestion, the traffic and especially the trash and litter everywhere.  I did like the people we met, they were all very kind and happy to serve us.  I also really liked the food, especially the pizzas of Napoli.  

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