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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Haircuts and Milano

I actually woke up fairly early for this winter break - 8:30am.  Brandon was the last one to get up today.  He slept until almost 10am, then stayed in bed to read until almost 11.  Ah, the lazy days of winter break.

Katrina and I both had hair appointments with Claudio this morning.  It sure is nice that he is located right out the front gate, across the street.  Very convenient. 

After my haircut I quickly changed clothes and went for a bike ride.  I rode 24 km today on my usual Lurago route.  Once home, I took a quick shower and we headed out for the afternoon.  Our destination, Milano. 

We took the Metro to the Duomo stop.  I was amazed at how crowded it was for a Wednesday afternoon. 


Katrina and Brandon in Piazza del Duomo

This building was new to us.  It's located on Piazza del Duomo, but its been covered by scaffolding and a huge video screen ever since we moved here. 

Galleria entrance and the Milano Christmas tree, sponsored by Tiffany's.

Katrina wanted to visit an art exhibit, so Brandon and I headed toward the American bookstore.  I needed to pickup a book on Sicily.  We are planning to go there in February. 

Along the way we spotted these works of art.  We've seen these before.  The man who makes these is an amazing artist.  He uses fruit and vegetables as his medium. 

After I found the book I needed, Brandon and I wandered the street around the Duomo.  We found some streets we had not been down before, so we just wandered aimlessly until Katrina texted us that she was ready to meet up.

Brandon poses in front of the Ferrari store

We spotted this light display inside a small Galleria - almost like lighted windchimes.

The windchimes changed colors.

Even in temps that are close to 0, people sit outside to enjoy coffee, hot chocolate and dinner.  Notice the propane heaters in the center.

Lights on shops near the Duomo

Department store window.  These snowflakes are made of rolled paper.

This display was setup in a tent near the Duomo. 

The dome of the Galleria

Lights in the Christmas Market area

Christmas Market booth

Lights on Via Dante

Brandon is happy and ready to go home.  The Metro ride home was great for warming up. 

We had a great afternoon in Milano.  I really like the energy of the city.  It's amazing how many people are out and about, even on these cold winter days. 

This is what 9 year old boys love...boy jokes about gas.  Interestingly, this photo idea was Katrina's.  

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