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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Giornata di Ozio a Casa

Lazy day at home.

I wore my parents out, and I think jetlag caught up with them as well. We decided to have a lazy day at home today. Brandon was itching to wake them up this morning. We finally let him do so at 9am. Dad got up, but Mom kept sleeping. She finally got out of bed around 10am.

Later in the morning we took a walk in the neighborhood. Mom wanted to mail a few postcards and I needed to get a few things at the supermercato.

We made piadinas for lunch. Basically, its a tortilla like wrap with prociutto and cheese. We bought provolone and Swiss cheeses.

Late this afternoon Brandon took Nana & Papa for a walk in Parco di Monza. They loved it. Mom thought it was like stepping into a different world. On the way home Brandon took them through Vedano so they could stop at Gelateria Jody's for a treat.

This evening I made risotto for dinner. Mom and Dad really liked the bruschetta and wanted it again, so Mom made it this time and copied down the recipe for home.

It was a good day at home. Tomorrow we will take Katrina to work then take a drive into the hills around Lago di Como. Tomorrow night we head to Venice for the weekend.

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