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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Monza Market

I decided to head down to the Monza Saturday market this morning. Katrina found a vendor that sells really tasty and fresh parmigiana, so we try to buy from them each time we run out.

The Monza market is a large version of the markets that setup each weekday in many of the local towns. Vedano also has a Saturday market, although much smaller than the one in Monza.

Belts, bags and leather goods

Roasted chicken, beef, goat, rabbit and pork

Pasta, beans, grains

Cheeses and meats

Fresh fish. They can cut a fresh fillet of swordfish right on the spot

More cheeses to choose from than you can count

And the ever present fake designer bags. These guys hang out along the perimeter of the market.

Scarpe - shoes, shoes and more shoes

And of course, fruit and veggies from all over Italy.

I came home with two types of cheese, a roasted chicken, salame and a bag of candies.

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  1. first time visted your blog ...i found it very sweet and feel myself very light watching all these pics..