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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lago di Como

Today we are heading to Lago di Como.

Katrina walked Brandon to school and went for her morning walk in Parco di Monza. I had reading time with the grade 2 children. I always enjoy listening to them read.

When I arrived home everyone was pretty much ready to head out. We drove Katrina to work then headed towards Lago di Como.

Heather really wanted to see some Italian countryside, so I drove up into the hills above the lake. We stopped at the lookout near Madonna del Ghisallo, the cycling chapel on the mountain. This spot offers a great view of the lake below and the mountains.

It was a beautiful day in the Italian Alps

Inside Madonna del Ghisallo

I showed them an Italian cemetery

From there, we drove up a narrow twisting road, past farms, cottages, villas and cows with bells. Heather and Rob loved it. Dylan slept for much of the drive.

We eventually ended up in Bellagio. The sun was shining, although it was a bit chilly, so we decided to walk around town a bit. Heather and Rob kept saying how much they loved this area.

A high speed ferry heads toward Bellagio

Dylan was hungry so we found a place for lunch, far_out Bellagio. Yes, that is how the name is written. Andrius greeted us and took our orders. Rob had pasta with a blue cheese sauce. Heather had bruschetta and a salad. I had brushetta and gnocchi al pesto. I don't remember what Dylan had, but we all loved the food. After we ate, Andruis chatted with us for quite awhile. It turns out that he is an partner of the Mexicali restaurant that we eat near our home. He ended up giving me a card for some free drinks next time we visit Mexicali.

It was 2:30pm and we needed to get back in time to pickup Brandon from school at 3:30pm. This time we took the faster and less scenic highway route and made it just in time.

Since Dylan loves gelato so much, we made a pitstop at Gelateria Jody's in Vedano before heading home. Heather really loved her gelato caffe. She said it was her favorite so far.

We spent the afternoon and evening at home. Heather packed up their suitcases and we relaxed and hung out for the evening.

Tomorrow they head back home to Colorado. We have to head to the airport early, at 6am.

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