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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Heather, Rob and Dylan Arrive

Brandon woke up at 6:30am this morning wanting to head to the airport. I told him it was too early, rolled over and went back to sleep.

We did leave the house at 8am and arrived at Malpensa just as they were walking out of the terminal. Perfect timing. My family had a good, but long flight.

We headed home and relaxed for the morning and early afternoon. After hanging out for awhile and having a snack, Rob and Heather decided to take a nap. Heather asked me to wake them up at 2:30.

Dylan chose to stay awake. Brandon and Dylan spent much of the afternoon playing with Legos. They also took a break and walked across the street to get some gelato. I also took them to the park for awhile.

Cousins having a great time.

Dylan has some fun on Brandon's bike

We woke the tired parents up at 2:30 and headed out for the afternoon. Our first stop was Auchan so that I could get a belt. We ended up wandering around the mall and through Auchan for awhile so that they could check out the Italian shopping culture.

Our next destination was the pedestrian zone of Monza. There was a craft fair going on in the big piazza and the streets were FULL of people. We visited the Duomo and even hung out for awhile so we could watch a Catholic service.

Everyone was getting tired, so we headed to dinner at Il Ghiottone in Vedano. Everyone had pizzas and everyone seemed to like them!!

Everyone was tired after dinner, but we had enough energy to stop for gelato!

It was a great, but tiring first day. This evening we decided what destinations to visit in the coming days. Tomorrow we will be heading to Verona for the day.

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