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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dishwasher Troubles

I filled the dishwasher and started it earlier this morning.  It didn't take long for me to notice a growing pool of water on the floor of the kitchen.  We had a leak! 

I checked the drain to make sure it wasn't plugged.  I even cycled the dishwasher to make it drain the water,  but it kept tripping the circuit breaker.  The drain hose was working though.  I checked the fresh water line.  It seemed to be working as well.  When everything was off, I could hear water dripping from the bottom of the dishwasher.  I tipped it on its side to see where the water was coming from.  Something must be cracked or broken on the bottom, but I couldn't find it. 

I ended up calling Ennio.  He's the father of the woman who owns our apartment.  He is our contact since he lives just down the block, while the owner lives in France.  Ennio came over about an hour later (I spent much of this time mopping up water that had spread along the full length of the kitchen.  After a short discussion, he decided it would be easiest to buy a new dishwasher.  Fine with me.  The one we have was installed in 1995, according to the receipt taped on the top.  It never really has worked very well.  I've always had to 'clean' the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. 

Now I just wait for the phone call that will tell me when the new dishwasher will be delivered and installed.  Thank goodness for Ennio who can help take care of this - and speaks English. 

Ha, funny story - at least to us.  Mike, the other HP engineer here in Italy, has his girlfriend Jen in town.  We planned to have them over for dinner tonight.  Katrina just called and told me that her and Mike hadn't communicated clearly.  Apparently Jen was also making dinner for tonight, expecting us to be at their place.  So, we are heading into Milan this evening for dinner at Mike's place. 


Well, I received a phone call from Ennio this afternoon.  A new dishwasher will be delivered and installed on Saturday afternoon.  I guess that means 4 1/2 days of handwashing the dishes! 

I had a great talk with my Mom this afternoon.  I love Skype! 

This evening we headed into Milan for dinner at Mike's place.  Jen made a great dinner of burritos, rice and brownies for dinner.  Yum! 

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