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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tilted Twister

Brandon and I kept the car today. Brandon wanted a Rubik's cube for his Mindstorm project.

Brandon was playing with his Mindstorm when he and Katrina looked on the internet to see what information was out there. They found a website with some pretty cool projects, including the Tilted Twister.

The Tilted Twister is a robot that solves the Rubik's cube. They though this was cool, so we ended up building it. It took us about half a day to build this complex robot, but we did.

Unfortunately, the batteries in the Mindstorm were pretty worn down. We tried it and it seemed like it was working, but it just didn't have enough juice.

We would have to wait, probably until Saturday, since tomorrow we are heading to Gardaland for the day.

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