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Monday, August 16, 2010

Sun, Glorious Sun!

We woke up to sunshine this morning. It's been awhile. We've missed it.

It is preseason NFL football time again. I really enjoy watching football, especially watching the Denver Bronco games, but I feel out of touch here in Italy. The joy of watching the game is gone. The results are only a statistic, so the Broncos loss last night has less effect on me.

Several members of the extended family and a few friends participate in a Fantasy Football league each season. I was asked to run the league this year. We had our draft of players on Saturday and I just winged it. No research to see who the best players were. Nothing. I just picked the players according to my needs and the 'analysts' rankings. We shall see what happens.

Brandon and I went for a bike ride this morning. What should have been a long road ride quickly turned into a short mountain bike ride. As I was getting my road bike ready, I noticed the front tire had a flat. I found the piece of glass and changed the tube. As I was pumping up my back tire, the front tire blew up. The tire was not seeded correctly and bulged out, causing the tube to pop. Ok, no big deal. One more tube. My last tube ended up being dry and cracking, causing it to not hold air. No tubes left and no bike shops open on a Monday morning. Burley has had a flat for a long time, so no road ride today. We grabbed our mountain bikes and headed out.

Sad news today: One of Brandon's best friends at school is moving. Amelie and her family will be moving to London ASAP. Brandon's class has lost three children already this summer.

Last night after Katrina arrived home from work, we headed to BiciMania. I needed some tubes after this mornings tire changing fiasco. Katrina wanted to purchase the bike she's been thinking about. Yes, another bike for the Sloma garage. Crazy! Katrina is tired of riding her mountain bike and wanted a nice city bike like everyone rides around here. They sell them in the US, but we are sure there isn't the selection like they have here in Italy. We shopped a couple of weeks ago and she narrowed it down to a couple of bikes. Tonight she chose one.

I will post pictures when I can take a few.

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