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Thursday, August 26, 2010


We woke up early this morning. Before catching the train to London, we were going to meet an online friend that Katrina met in a class she took.

We met at Betty's Cafe Tea Room where we ate some breakfast and chatted for a little over an hour.

We caught the train at 10am and arrived in London by noon. Once again, we are staying at at Travelodge, but this one is not that great and we wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Stay away from the Travelodge Kings Scot near King's Crossing. The rooms are clean, but very old. The service is to die for...in other words, you might die before you get any service, especially at breakfast.

Our room had three single beds. We pushed them together to make one large bed.

Anyway, after dropping off our luggage we headed out into London. We found some lunch then headed to Victoria station to catch a London sightseeing bus. It was turning into a rainy day, so we thought a bus tour would keep us happy.

I would have thought that the Sightseeing bus would have a couple of different tours to choose from, like they do in other smaller cities. Not in London. The tour lasted for over 3 hours. It did give us an overview of the city, and kept us dry, but it was very long.

The famous red London double deck buses.

We headed back to the room fairly early today. Hopefully we will have a much better second day in London. Today was not bad, just a bit long and tiring.

Tomorrow we will visit the British Museum and see the Tower Bridge.

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