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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Castle Museum and The Shambles

Our first destination this morning was the York Castle Museum. This museum is kind of like a time machine through British living. Inside, visitors can stroll down Kirkgate street from the Victorian era, and walk through the swinging 60's.

All thats left of the York Castle

A rotisserie, operated by pulleys and weights


One area of the museum also takes visitors step by step through the different stages of recreated rooms from the 17th century to the 20th century.

Brandon tries on some medieval helmets...real ones...that is why he is wearing gloves.

Near the end of the tour, visitors get to see the York dungeons and hear what it was like to be imprisoned there.

We also visited Jorvik. Its a touristy Viking museum with displays about the Viking finds in the area, as well as a 20 minute "people mover" sort of ride through the Viking village of Coppergate. It was gimmicky, but we learned a bit about the Vikings.

After lunch we walked the Medieval walls of York and checked out some shops before splitting up for a couple of hours.

When we travel, Brandon is the king of hot dogs.

Gert & Henry's Pub. I love this architecture

Brandon and I headed to the train station to see the York Model Railway. Katrina perused a museum and walked around town taking pictures.

The model railway museum was pretty neat. I thought it must have been a club, but it is run and operated by a couple. They are in an old railway office building. At the front they have a small hobby shop. The back 2/3rds of the building is the model train layout. Brandon enjoyed all the push button animations. I always enjoy seeing new ideas and layouts. They actually had three layouts: an HO scale layout that filled most of the room, an N scale layout that was much smaller, and an Island of Sodor layout for Thomas to run on.

We met back in the hotel room for a break before heading out again in the evening.

This evening we took our usual late evening walk around town. Katrina loves this time of day for her photos - the blue hour. She also wanted to show us The Shambles, and interesting little street in the old part of York.

The Shambles

No Cars - No Puffles

York Minster

This corner shop was built during a time when wood was not readily available, so the builder recycled the bow of a ship.

The York Mayor's mansion

Tomorrow we will head to London by train, about a 2 hour trip.

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