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Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Again

We had to get up early this morning. Our flight from London to Milan was set for 7:10am, so we woke up and got ready then caught the shuttle bus to the airport. As the past few days have been chilly in England, this morning was no different. I wore pants and a long sleeve shirt.

Once we made successfully navigated our way through security, we stopped for some breakfast (we needed to eat and we needed to use up our last few British pounds).

Our flight to Milan was fairly uneventful, other than being woken up by some occasional snoring - Katrina had to wake me up because she said I was the one who was snoring. I never heard anything.

We touched down in balmy Milan around 10:30am. My jeans and long sleeve shirt were too warm.

We had a nervous moment when immigration asked for a Permisso Di Soggiorno. England is not part of the EU, so we had our passports stamped when we left Milan for England. We also had to have our passports stamped to reenter the EU. Well, a normal visitor to the EU can only stay for 90 days, then leave the EU for a specified amount of time...I think it is a few weeks. Since we live here, we need a Permisso to show that we can come and go freely. Anyway, I had mine but Katrina and Brandon did not have theirs. After some talk and some examination of my card, the inspector let us go through. Whew!

Home again. As much as we love to travel, its always nice to be home again. We unpacked and started some laundry. Katrina changed clothes and headed to work for the day.

This afternoon was pretty low key. Brandon played while I caught up on finances, laundry and a few other household chores.

No more trips for a few weeks. Brandon starts school one week from today, so we will lay low this week, go for some bike rides and get into a school year routine.

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