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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Skocjan Caves the Home

After a great breakfast at Pension Kovac we checked out and drove south, back to the Karst region.

Brandon enjoyed the Postojna Caves so much that we decided to visit the Skocjan Caves on the way home.

The Skocjan Caves are full of formations and a giant underground canyon with a raging river. These caves are less touristy. They also offer a bit more exercise for visitors. The tour walks for about two miles underground and goes up and down 400 steps.

The hill and town on top of the cave system

Checking out the guidebook while we wait for our tour

Of course, no pictures are allowed inside the caves. Lets just say, they were very impressvie and massive. They seemed to have less formations than the Postojna Caves, but much bigger caverns and the river gorge was incredible. Well worth the side trip.

This is the exit from the cave tour. The opening and the cavern are big enough to drive tractor trailers inside.

At the exit from the caves

At the exit from the caves, visitors can choose to hike back up to the visitors center, or hike a short path and take the funiculare. We chose the latter.

Funicular that takes visitors back up to the admission area

From the caves, we headed into Italy and home. Altogether it was about a 5 hour drive home.

We had a great vacation and saw some amazing sights. Croatia and Slovenia are amazing countries. I would highly suggest them to anyone.

There is one thing we would do differently. This trip seemed a bit more hectic than past trips. We wanted to see so much and only had 9 days. We spent two nights in Dubrovnik and two nights in Bled. Other than that, we spent only one night in each of our other destinations. We felt like we were constantly on the move and unable to settle down for a couple days.

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