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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Free Slurpee Day

Today is 7/11 day in the US. Free Slurpees at your local 7/11 store. For our European friends, a Slurpee is like a granita, only granitas usually come in more fruit flavors.

This morning Brandon and I went for a 28 km bike ride. We rode up the Brianza to our bike trail and looped back home. Brandon was awesome. He pushed hard on the climbs, getting out of the saddle several times. Any day of the week has many, many cyclists on the Brianza, but Sundays are especially busy...I usually see several hundred cyclists on my rides. Many of them shouted cheers at Brandon as they passed by. At one point on the bike path, a pack of cyclists rode by when we were stopped for a short snack break. Brandon immediately hopped and his bike and gave chase. We never caught them, but Brandon sure put in a good effort, especially in the heat.

This afternoon Katrina took us to the airport in Bergamo. Brandon and I were headed to Hamburg Germany. We've never flown out of Bergamo before. What a great little airport. Very easy to get there and very easy to use.

Our flight to Hamburg was only 1 1/2 hours. I must say it was one of the more turbulent flights I've ever been on. We took off at 4:30 and landed in Hamburg around 6pm at Lubeck airport, an hour outside of Hamburg. For those friends in Corvallis, imagine the Corvallis airport with about 6 daily commercial flights. That is what Lubeck is like.

From Lubeck we had to take an hour bus ride into Hamburg, which Brandon enjoyed since it was a double deck coach bus. I think we both fell asleep about halfway to Hamburg.

From the downtown bus depot we had to walk about 1 km to our hotel, a Novotel (its a European business hotel that we like a lot). We were worn out and ended up ordering room service for dinner.

Tomorrow we will be visiting Miniature Wunderland....

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