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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bled Slovenia

We slept in a bit this morning, had breakfast here at the pension, then headed into Bled.

Bled is Slovenia's most popular resort with its alpine mountains, fairy-tale island, medival castle, and lakeside promenade. Bled has been popular with visitors since the Hapsburg days.

Our first destination was the castle sitting on the bluff above the lake. When we were here last August I got sick and never got to see the castle. Katrina said it was one of her favorites and that I needed to see it.

Bled Castle (Blejski Grad) has been around for over a 1,000 years. It was the seat of the Austrian Bishops of Brixen, who controlled Bled in the Middle Ages.

Katrina and Brandon at the castle well

Due to the heat, we chose to drive up to the castle instead of parking in town and hiking up.

We checked out the magnificent views then ducked inside the small museum for a break from the heat. The museum doesn't have much to offer, but is somewhat interesting.

Brandon demonstrates the outhouse, located over the outside wall

On our way down to the lower part of the castle we discovered the wine cellar. Katrina had not seen this last time. The person working in the cellar was dressed as a monk named Andrej. We endedu up buying two bottles of wine. One bottle, with the castle house wine, was actually bottled by Brandon.

The other activity that Brandon enjoyed was learning to how a print press works.

Brandon on the wall above the first gate to the castle

This afternoon we walked around Bled and the waterfront, had some lunch, then headed back to the room for a few hours. It has been really hot the past few days.

Art in the park

This region is famous for its honey. Last year we bought a bottle of honey brandy and loved it. This year we bought 5 bottles.

Brandon loves finding these relief maps.

Another post office for Andy, this time in Slovenia

Pension Kozac, our home for one more night.

This evening we headed back into Bled for some dinner and to take some evening pictures. There was a rainstorm while we were resting in our room, so everything was wet. We decided to eat dinner at a Cinese restaurant. While eating dinner the skies became really dark, then it rained really hard and heavy for about 20 minutes. So much for an evening of picture taking.

By the time we finished dinner, the rain had stopped. We made our way down to the lakefront and took a few pictures before calling it a night and heading back to our room - our last night of vacation.

Tomorrow we will visit another cave system then drive home.

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