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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This morning we had breakfast at the cafe below our apartment, checked out then had a long hot uphill walk to our car. Today was a hot day.

Croatian post office - this one is for Andy


We had about a 3 hour drive to Korcula today. The first part was on the two lane coastal highway heading north, then we turned west and headed out onto a large pennisula for another hour or more. Our initial destination was Orebie on the tip of the pennisula. From there we caught a 20 minute ferry ride across the channel to the island of Korcula.

Photo by Brandon

Korcula - photo by Brandon

Brandon likes to take self portraits - photo by Brandon

Forecast for the upper deck of the ferry: Windy with wild hair

Across the channel is the town of Korcula, on the island of Korcula. We found our hotel (apartment) and checked in. We are staying at the Royal Apartments on the waterfront, but we cannot see it from our room.

Our room

We found a cafe for lunch, then headed into the old town.

The town of Korcula is a small tourist destination with a great old town, a few museums and mountians in the distance. Like many other small Croatian towns, it was founded by the ancient Greeks. It eventually became a part of the Roman empire before ending up as the southern outpost for the Venetian Republic. Marco Polo was born here in 1254.

We wandered through the town, which is on a small penninsula, ending up on the point. Brandon wanted to go swimming, so I agreed to take him over to the beach while Katrina stayed in town to take pictures.

Great Land Gate, the main entrance into town.

The Adriatic is still a little cold in late June.

Brandon played in the water for about an hour, then we headed back to town and waited for Katrina along the waterfront.

Brandon always has a book to read

Once Katrina found us, she wanted to show Brandon Marco Polo's house (or what is believed to be his house). The house has a tower, so we paid to climb up it and see the views to town.

Photo by Brandon

Photo by Brandon

I had seen a poster for How To Train a Dragon in town. We knew that Croatia does not dub over the soundtrack like they do in Italy, so we searched for and found the theater, only to find out that they do dub over childrens movies. Which makes sense, since it would be harder for a child to read or keep up with the subtitles. Oh well, no movie for us.

Brandon played in a park for awhile until we decided we were hungry for dinner. We found a nice restaurant on the waterfront in the old city. Nice views and great food finished off our day in Korcula.

Hummus...never liked it at all until tonight. This was tasty, and served on a seashell

One tired boy

Our hotel

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